Who am I?

Born in San Francisco and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories. From the Founders of Silicon Valley’s top startups to social workers in my hometown. Everyone has a story to tell. We can learn from each other, no matter our background. I think a lot about my Indian parents and their struggle throughout their lives to provide for my sister and me. Thinking about this allows me to be grateful for my current situation.

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I’m not sure. I don’t care too much if you follow along. If you do, except most pieces to be reflections on my life. I’m hopeful that these reflections can provide you with the space to reflect yourself.

Aside from my work life, I’m passionate about helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives through building relationships with them and with others.

I write about relationships and technology predominately on LinkedIn which you can access here. I write about self care, mindfulness, and other general musings on my blog here.

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